Mojiferous Industries

Mojiferous Industries is the brainchild of Admiral Mojiferous J. Colossus, Esq., and was originally organized to market pet-able lobsters, Mime Oil, and absurdist entertainment to the general public. The company was founded in 2004 and promptly formed this website out of mysterious clouds of gas, dust, and fatty solids. We are based in Denver, Colorado, and have absolutely nothing to do with any impending invasions by multi-dimensional beasts from beyond time or the actions of the drug-fueled yeti currently holding you hostage.

AI-assisted description: Mojiferous

Mojiferous J. Colossus is the pseudonym of Joe Flores, a normal human man with a completely normal sense of humor. He lurks in the dark corners of Denver, Colorado creating art and music for an audience that  doesn't mind peculiarities, noise, and weirdness. These people accept his existence but they may not understand the difference between normal human beings, the "new" consciousness from outer space, and the mysterious underground shadow people.

About the artwork

The art contained within this website is overwhelmingly created in spray paint and may contain slight traces of mime oil.

The physical properties of spray paint have shaped my method: the drying speed and layerability, the ease of blending and variable paint flow have all influenced the composition and style of these paintings as much as any individual art movement. I use painter's tape to both produce distinct lines and to achieve a painterly effect through selective removal of paint. Holes in layers, along with splatters and overspray combine to add grit, movement, and organic shapes to otherwise rigid forms. The final result is always somewhat unpredictable.

A majority of my recent work is semi-abstract industrial landscapes inspired by the Precisionist movement and by architectural renderings. I paint a lot of factories - and the factory has an interesting dichotomy in our culture, having long been associated with both economic success and heavy pollution. Jobs and disease, growth and decline. And so my lonely, steaming industrial buildings are meant to be allegories of oppressive capitalism and the strength of labor and unions. Symbols of pollution and climate change. Drab buildings in bright flashy colors.

Much of my recent work also uses various AI tools: The RNN Descriptions series is based on text suggestions from a Recurrent Neural Network trained on descriptions of artwork and then retrained on its own output; The GAN Factory series is based on images produced on a Generative Adversarial Network trained on images of factories. In both of those series I use the output of the neural network to inspire and direct my artwork and not as a direct generator of the artwork itself.

About Superstar Broccoli Colossus

Superstar Broccoli Colossus is my long-running musical project that is inspired by sample-driven hip-hop, aggressive noise music, sound collages, and a healthy dose of weird experimental music of all kinds. There is extensive use of samples - from all over the musical spectrum, but with a heavy bias towards disco, poorly-recorded R&B, outlaw country, and 90s indie rock.

I use an old MODtracker called PlayerPro inside of a Mac OS9 VM for production, and also use Musenet to create melodies and Spleeter to assist in sample creation.