• Carla Duty: almost done?

    • mojiferous
    • Jul 10, 2015

    Once again I am late in writing an update for Carla Duty...


    Ok, so I haven't updated the website it in almost almost 6 months. "Late".


    Despite my inability to keep up a decent social media presence, I have been continuing development on Carla Duty and am down to a handful of bugs and features left to finish. The game itself is done, it works, and is ready for broader user testing. All the game is missing is more sound effects and some music. It also needs to be tested and played by someone besides myself - I worry that it might be too arcane or the gameplay is not clearly enough explained, and it helps to have other people acting as my playtesters and QA team. I hope to finish this process and get a playable, well-working version of this game out soon.


    Which then brings us to the next issue: how should I distribute the game and where? Steam? The Mac App store? Do I charge something for the game and attempt to make something off my time and toil? All of this will have to be decided soon...

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