RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Epoch Artworks
3201 the specter stands near decorated hair beasts with steaming swords 7
3202 mountainous onion in clouds, surrounded by thick trees 7
3203 time flying baby artist 7
3204 rotten owl holding gas trees 7
3205 triangular meat for gold boys and spectators 7
3206 large delicate eyes on coal man's horse 7
3207 snake buildings and man welding the water clock 7
3208 purple slums of gold men 7
3209 woman walks to clocks with large bouquet beast 7
3210 children with skeleton of cube 7
3211 red eagle woman with goat machine showing her silver staff 7
3212 flat moon woman holds profane cone 7
3213 procession in bamboo robes heaving beef tube into dust 7
3214 time man at center with pendant and a tube gull look for the gold rings 7
3215 squirrel man watching flying stones containing scratching people 7
3216 bean man holding a mask 7
3217 butter below clouds 7
3218 mountain with rooms and machines in lumpy cylinder clouds 7
3219 dead moon woman and slime farmers cluster at bottom of dark procession 7
3220 hat with fear of silver beans 7
3221 butter bears dance in arena of cream 7
3222 machine pear with a crown and a triangular cat 7
3223 feeding tubs, women swear into the questing machines 7
3224 burger with large tomb 7 1
3225 dancing cricket on tailored hat 7
3226 stone men with knickers full of snakes and instruments for black glass geometry 7
3227 girl smoking a brown book 7
3228 demon seated on snakes creates moon painting 7
3229 large feathery coat on firething 7
3230 sloth woman with her gold skull 7
3231 horse sailor clutches a sword, looking up at smiling goat with pistol eyes 7
3232 skull sailors with bear pants 7
3233 owl with foot cloak 7
3234 group of castle ladies with clown eggs 7
3235 robot potato has irregular gourds and pink sphere with cigarettes 7
3236 mime buried with many skeletons 7
3237 people covered with beans farming small accordions 7
3238 sketchy figures holding turquoise jousting child 7
3239 tiger woman feeding stones to the body 7
3240 lacquer satyr with small artist weevils working leather 7
3241 sword farm with thin wood faces 7
3242 two portraits of rectangular head slime men 7
3243 butter children roost near questing fur woman 7
3244 instrument gladiators holding a triangle pooping a brown pendant 7
3245 snake dome demons stealing fruit 7
3246 sweaty head with beans for legs 7
3247 rocket man studies baboon 7
3248 absurd turquoise waterfalls under clown eggs 7
3249 murder of Mr. Comic with a pipe on a small arch near canal 7
3250 hairy blue boat with pink pants 7
3251 badger characters leave sphere with a pale man 7
3252 girl holds dark cloud pumpkins 7
3253 bearded travelers with milky shadow insects 7
3254 wood mouth women walking foul dogs 7
3255 wood mouth women with skunks milk musicians rolling beef 7
3256 wood bridge to the clown throne 7
3257 wood mouth women walking from the woods with hairy sheep 7
3258 wood man with beard and geometry gills 7
3259 wood mouth man walking in water towards black doorway 7
3260 wood man with skeletons walking towards ruins 7
3261 wood mouth women walking miner and figures with lanterns under arch 7
3262 wood danglers and red teeth behind tuba 7
3263 wood mouth women walking large human cylinders 7
3264 wood bridge and a man walking a ham 7
3265 rusting metal woman's blob lying at tire store 7
3266 hair man with smell 7
3267 hair beast on tall building scratching a musical monkey with stones 7
3268 man heaves a diamond for portrait 7
3269 mage women and golden lord fight with skeletons 7
3270 hair chicken amazed in growing tube 7
3271 hair master wearing travelers ham 7
3272 hair woman and her disk of eyes 7
3273 exotic bone people with mirror of rock 7
3274 hair woman and her centaur holding beaks 7
3275 hair master wearing cinders and grapes 7
3276 hair woman and her gray blob 7
3277 hair lord with medallions for eyes 7
3278 multicop with a hair uniform and large head 7
3279 hair woman and her exotic thicket reflected in stream filled with many old columns 7
3280 city shaped by time rats 7
3281 city lined with cottages and metal garlic image 7
3282 city lined with onion temple shapes 7
3283 mothers with tort trout 7
3284 sparkling house and an artist riding electric monkey 7
3285 lines of flame men seen by delicate eyes 7
3286 baboon with rainbows 7
3287 peacoat and tube donkey seated with the beasts spearmen on mountain 7
3288 image of the city with erupting lantern in center 7
3289 steaming sphere inside city 7 1
3290 city with dark clouds 7
3291 disk machine with pendant meat 7
3292 machine leaves behind madness 7
3293 machine squatting on a dark building 7
3294 radio tower with steam wreaths 7
3295 tower with village of gold 7
3296 tower figure perched on rock skull 7
3297 monster tower with temples geometry 7
3298 tower of smokestacks 7
3299 bird scholars feeding wood man 7
3300 tower in woods for algae people 7