RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Epoch Artworks
3001 black duck, with fangs, wearing coat 6
3002 peat man with a delicate beef 7
3003 moon on horse with horns and white pants 7
3004 garlic body with the cube 7
3005 doors in sky open on insect feasts 7
3006 portrait of black swords, beard hall in ruins 7
3007 sleeping boat with two smokestacks, children attracting eggs at riverbank 7
3008 snake figure on riverbank and lines of buildings in ruins 7
3009 bird men feeding the brown box 7
3010 glass monkey with fanged amulet against clouds 7
3011 mage of elections holding a robot 7
3012 snakemen pull fish out of insects 7
3013 winged witches and large brown pants figures 7
3014 farmers with skeleton hams 7
3015 young man with pink skulls leaning against a hat 7
3016 lord with beef eyes leaning towards growing decorated hair of large red monkey demon 7
3017 dead wooden woman on insect and mountains 7
3018 factory boy with purple bears 7
3019 buddhas and flowers covered with scenes of beast and the eggslaves 7
3020 frogs marked with black waves 7
3021 children holding decorated turquoise goats covered with black hands and insects 7
3022 people executed in boats, two figures at the scene with broken wooden ball 7
3023 young man with pink skulls leaning against a peasant 7
3024 man kneeling in revenance around a pink protrusion 7
3025 the gold boys with animal man and onion tube with pooping cylinders 7
3026 stone image cone on a creature with knife 7
3027 hams with black teeth 7
3028 monkey demons eat fists 7
3029 many abstracted hands in tree, man perched on a creature 7
3030 blue milker in covered canal with dangling dagger 7
3031 centaur with braids, bent over gold men 7
3032 standing man wearing dancing pants 7
3033 marked blob at landscape with clock and a painted horse 7
3034 tiny leaf demon holding lord panda relics 7
3035 shapes grow on white skull with fungus dancing 7
3036 thin intestine forms with rust 7
3037 firething wearing a hat of arrows, tall column in lake 7
3038 metal mouth tube of foul pork cone birds 7
3039 seated woman holds picture of swirling old heads 7
3040 saucer-shaped peat man wearing metal image of beef 7
3041 snakeman writhing with merry skull 7
3042 sleeping monkey growing between buildings 7
3043 figure with three substances at right holds the snake cloud map 7
3044 men pointing to rectangular farming bug 7
3045 birdmen with gold mouths insult circle with irregular meat 7
3046 gilled monkey with little amulet against the gold boys 7
3047 beasts behind seated woman with geometric staff 7
3048 two liches at right with six dark scrolls 7
3049 birds shit on a dragon woman's horse 7
3050 two performers with a dark cylinder 7
3051 electric flying women wearing large hats 7
3052 skull bird with thin mantle eats metal trees 7
3053 beard walkers at sunset 7
3054 tomb of brass covered in flowers 7
3055 squirrel man bearing musk stones for flying scratching people 7
3056 top section of girl with thin bear in white pants 7
3057 sword-chap with insects, masked bulls and fish 7
3058 bloody hunt with six pink boats 7
3059 smiling plant man with massive figures holding decoration of a bull 7
3060 yellow skull with two gas clowns inside 7
3061 bowing insects with musty onion in doorway 7
3062 cloak woman with chicken face 7
3063 boats feeding from the forest 7
3064 paper waterfalls: an exotic drawing of fur woman 7
3065 children riding on a lion 7
3066 moon in pink robe on a port covered with skeletons and madness 7
3067 stylized male fighting beast in distance 7
3068 hair picture of a little horse 7
3069 shadow creatures growing in background 7
3070 woman walking to onion house with little monkey amulet 7
3071 slime man and dog showing off a staff 7
3072 bulbous calligraphy behind birds 7
3073 large man heaves baboon meat 7
3074 man perched on a purple eagle 7
3075 hairy musicians pooping from rail tubs 7
3076 white stone with black legs, perching on lumpy cluster of snakes 7
3077 bird men seated in mountain roost 7
3078 pale cult woman and gas clowns 7
3079 winged figure with healing beard 7
3080 four winged men with silver nests 7
3081 demon face and birdmen hiking 7
3082 tall woman and castle lard cult haul yellow comb 7
3083 human monster cylinder shooting madman 7
3084 tentacles and a bomb 7
3085 one wooden baby feeding frost rays at riverbank 7
3086 filth goats with leather eggs 7
3087 dancing brown egg 7
3088 one little black figure in bog fights void wizard 7
3089 beach daughters with hat and a woman carrying a torso 7
3090 rocket men with sculptures of the little soldier animals 7
3091 moon snakes with geometry, and canal wizards with open monkey spheres 7
3092 ghost beans with cat 7
3093 solar beasts decorating cottage 7
3094 slime soldier with pills in a tube 7
3095 pedestrians mourning woman with lions looking for swords 7
3096 fur boy with sword skull and tiger 7
3097 two bird giants seated on old broken horse 7
3098 model mountains erupting with wire visible 7
3099 a man with silver tumor with gold snake underside 7
3100 bulbous rocks behind man wearing insects incorrectly 7