RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here:
# Name Epoch Artworks
2701 rocket man supports small boats and bulbs around ham 6
2702 study of a large ruins in black and white 6
2703 one pair of fungal children 6
2704 peat man with wings, spectators in background 6
2705 decomposing shade cavern 6
2706 man with decorated stone hands 6
2707 couple walking scalloped lord 6
2708 The cones with broken horse buckets 6
2709 horn figure and a gourd with inscription of snakes 6
2710 black hands at the back of a feathered head 6
2711 green dog with women walking on elevated meat 6
2712 slime man and turtle girls, standing in support of bat woman 6
2713 tortoise woman holding a card at left 6
2714 image of madness: dogs and ham 6
2715 milky crocks for rectangular men 6
2716 people in boat sail to demon pit 6
2717 men see woman's head on horizon 6
2718 a man with many oranges and gold knickers 6
2719 woman feeding on mountain gourd 6
2720 moldy shadow clown with flowers 6
2721 man sand dancing while attached to windmill 6
2722 squirrel woman wearing pants 6
2723 demon perched on a purple eagle 6
2724 void with portrait of green demons 6
2725 first men stand at noon in ditch 6
2726 large feathery coat on triangular milk woman 6
2727 rotten green sphere above a tower 6
2728 another birdman holding a baboon 6
2729 triangular sect with bestiary 6
2730 wooden monk with cardboard steam tunics 6
2731 man wears geometric outline of woman's head 6
2732 forested building with teeth 6
2733 feeding trout with iridium man, shouting to clouds 6
2734 tiger men standing on water with small mouths 6