RNN Descriptions

I maintain a poorly trained, semi-wild recurrent neural network to act as inspiration for this artwork. This RNN has been fed descriptions of thousands of artworks and is then run through multiple output cycles and re-trained on its own output. Only the freshest, most absurd artifacts are kept for the next round of training. The result of this process is a neural network that will generate artwork descriptions that are interpreted here.

Additionally, Thorin Klosowski and I have an ongoing collaboration wherein he writes stories based on descriptions from the RNN and I sometimes interpret those into artwork. He has written an excellent FAQ that does a much better job of describing what this is and how it works here. And subscribe to the newsletter here!
# Name Sort descending Epoch Artworks
920 "rocks done" painted on front of cylinder 2
886 a ball man in negative sky 2
1419 a balloon attached toward wooden baby 3
1665 a bird centaur, two shapes of distant temples 4
2328 a bird growing between teeth 5
1494 a book of crowns, masks and insects 3
573 a boy with a banded head and body 2
1201 a boy with flying bears 3
1347 a broken group of men kneeling 3
591 a cardboard sheet of woman, mailed 2
1258 a decomposing tower of people, including a monk covered a pink 3
2853 a delicate painted wood woman with loaves 6
43 a figure with bracelet and two men seated in upper left corner with birds 1
2422 a fish fire, landscape with cloak dragon 5
578 a fisherman with two diamonds 2
621 A girl on a peninsula fighting a figure around triangles, boats and vertical rocks in background 2
1431 a glass donkey with metal windows 3
2067 a glue figure at left with tiny head 5
605 a gourd has three lines of stripes 2
1378 a hill with small cylinder 3
2306 a landscape with purple stripes, fungus holes 5
1599 a lion goat at lower right had eleven reclining smiling women 4
2381 a lion woman wears owl beard, onion chain 5
1576 a man hears large clouds under cylindrical tower 4
2052 a man holding a large diamond has cysts 5
909 a man in his hut has a book and sheep, and a man stone bracelets has a belt and three arms 2
924 a man is perched in a musical section with fluted coat and glasses 2
1983 a man looking at lard and feather designs 4
2449 a man looking at small mouthed meat 5
100 a man looking left at a white diamond 1
635 a man reading on a wall with the body of the man's horse 2
1612 a man robs a gourd 4
499 a man wearing a dragon on his chest 1
652 a man wearing a dragon on his torso 2
1973 a man with fungus holding golden meat 4
414 a man with green robe with wings partially covered by clouds 1
2545 a man with many black mouths 6
2517 a man with many large columns 6
2718 a man with many oranges and gold knickers 6
1813 a man with silver tumor 4
3099 a man with silver tumor with gold snake underside 7
1674 a monkey demon with planes in distance 4
3119 a monkey demon with smokestacks and mountains in background 7
2010 a round cylinder holding a head of a goat 5
354 a round grape in sky 1
1241 a rune of a dark sailor 3
275 a scene of a samurai seated on a boy and a line of several figures to left 1
516 a seated man wearing plaid trees 2
1704 a small ring in onion's pointing a water 4
2122 a small round boy with white stones 5
2308 a stone bird taking ice to cloud mouth 5
1618 a stone bird with onion 4
1262 a study of hair - armored with light rings 3
1456 a tort with boat goats and eagles in background 3
1427 a towering tube mouth in black 3
2232 a tube boy and a child wearing steam tubs around a drawing of a pine tree cloak 5
72 a woman on both sides of mustache 1
946 a woman wearing shawl and red hat, clock with round forms of gold tapestry 2
2511 a woman with white egg in ruins 6
814 a wood waterfall on a woman 2
2048 abstract figures in boat, image of woman just standing with her red ape 5
233 abstract image of children on face 1
2202 abstract oak with sphere looking at voids 5
580 abstracted boat in upper left corner, carved together with tiger in background 2
250 abstracted lines in black and white with eight colored designs 1
585 abstracted view of crevices 2
2512 absurd turquoise mouth under metal dots 6
3248 absurd turquoise waterfalls under clown eggs 7
2212 airmen in boats with crows 5
3173 airmen looking at rocks for shape beasts 7
1068 amazed figure with white sketches of a dragon 3
2388 an abstract people with fanged trees 5
559 an animal holding landscape with six horns 2
2044 an animal holding waterfalls 5
1420 an animal shirtless with fish, orange insects 3
713 an animal woman reading 2
2149 an animal woman with large rings 5
1455 an ape goon in front of a snake 3
2839 an ape with pendant eats eggs 6
2242 an ape, irregular fish perching on the house 5
2409 an artist's frog woman heaves 5
1721 an artist's house with a cone holding wands 4
1363 an onion's heavy cloud and two small skeletons 3
1762 an onion, a monk, and a purple and pink head 4
2744 an onion, clown eggs, pale mountains 6
1679 an oval of cream and castle of plastic attached to sky, flying boats 4
2302 angular man with pink skulls holding a cone 5
338 animal doorway at right 1
2728 another birdman holding a baboon 6
34 another boat carrying a very small book 1
418 another child on a cloud 1
192 another dagger with dangling goats 1
1871 another dog shadow growing steaming babys 4
683 another dog woman's house 2
2585 another man looking at a monk's ham 6
1992 another right with clown painting flowers 4
2763 apple face and two repeating birds 6
179 arms and a boat at center 1
2368 arms appear at the purple horizon and indium nests of oxen 5
136 arms appear at top of crowd with beards and shoes 1