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Another Javascript game... or most of a game at least

So I just pushed up another Javascript game to my server — a rather rudimentary match 3 game I'm calling "Spongium" for the time being, mostly because that is what I randomly called the git repo. It is still definitely in beta, not having a scoring system or any real features beyond the most basic match 3 mechanics. The graphics and logic all came from a Mac-native match 3 game that I think I mentioned on this blog a couple of years back and that was about equally "finished".

Guess what? I finally updated the damn website!

Yep, it's only about 3 or four months late, but the Mojiferous Industries site is finally updated and ready to go… I even added Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction! to the list of software, because I figure at this point it will never truly be finished, and what the hell, might as well put it up. I do have something new though: some screenshots of a strange little game I made for shits and giggles a little while back — much like IS, DD, RD! it doesn't have sound and isn't feature complete by any means, but it does have Mr. Tooth. Enjoy!