Lobster Petting

Lobster Petting 1.5

The classic useless crap that launched Mojiferous Industries, now 50% more useless! I've added options to change the background color, a fez, boiling(!), and the ever-popular disco! Version 1.5 also features three new unpopular tunes (written by the ever-so-unpopular Superstar Broccoli Colossus and a few new sound effects (including the never-requested Johnny Dangerously sound clip from the old version!)


Lobster Petting was originally released in 1996 for System 7. After many pointless ports (for Windows, DOS, Linux, the HP 48G calculator, and aborted attempts to Apple BASIC) development was abandoned. OS X came along and the Lobster Petting development team quietly ignored the need for a Darwin port. However, 2007 will be forever hailed as a glorious year because the Admiral Mojiferous J Colossus put on his programming slacks and shat out not only a OS X port, but a Universal port.


Update 2015: Yes, Lobster Petting still works. No need for an update yet. Carry on.


Universal Binary (is that a feature?)
Obtuse and inane!