The Humanoid Must Not Escape


Destroy the Humanoids


Save the robots and kill all the humans! Inspired by Berzerk, Robotron: 2084, and too many years of science fiction movies and literature, this browser game started as an unfinished 2013 Global Game Jam game called Chainus — which began as an unholy blend of TripleTown and Populous and ended up never being finished.


The Humanoid Must Not Escape is a browser game, built entirely in Javascript and should run on just about any modern browser. Essentially you have a grid, onto which robots and humans are populated, along with a collection of holes that will kill both humans and robots immediately (in the future robots will try to kill you by luring you into bottomless pits. It's a musing on the futility of existence in the face of technology, or something.) To accomplish your mission (of killing the humans by driving them heartlessly into random holes in the ground) you have a collection of different objects that either attract robots or humans and that you place down on the map. This is also probably some kind of philosophical bullshit, something about how everything is afraid of fire, how water is essential to humans but dangerous to our technology, and how everything loves money… But really there is no need for all this pretension, all you need to know is that the game is open source, the source code is available on Github, and I actively encourage other, better programmers to improve upon it and expand the game. I built in achievements, local data saving, multiple game styles, the whole bit.

No need for flash or other plugins
Open Source
Local saved data, no need for network if ran locally!