IS, DD, RD! Beta

AKA Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction!

IS, DD, RD! could also be called "Inverse Space Invaders" if I wanted to be sued by a certain video game developer [cough]. Instead of controlling a heroic earth tank at the bottom of the screen, in IS, DD, RD! you control the poor little suicidal alien bugs being massacred by thoughtless beings that only move in a single plane. I'm sure there could be a story there, but that would require putting more time and energy into the game. Overall the game is pretty close to being finished, but the controls leave a little to be desired. Oh, and the pesky 1000x900 resolution that doesn't change, the lack of sound, and the fact that the controls are maddeningly cumbersome (currently you use the entire keyboard to fire each row of aliens) oh, and the lack of instructions, help, or very obvious control feedback. Good Luck!

Inverse Space Invading
Fairly spiffy graphics!
The maddening silence of space!
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