Atomic Combat

Full Nuclear Combat!

Atomic Combat is a 'location guessing' game in the spirit of Battleship: You have factories, cities, research centers, reactors, silos, airfields and hopefully enough nuclear weapons to destroy your three closest neighbors. However you don't know where their resources and cities are - You are firing blind into a grid of possible locations, trying desperately to maim, kill, or irradiate as many enemy citizens as possible… The problem is that they're all doing the same thing!


This is version 2.0 of Atomic Combat, with refined graphics and sounds and a slew of features not found in the original. The game was originally released in December of 2008 and is not entirely functional in newer versions of OS X. There are score-posting and update-checking functions that definitely no longer work (and silently fail), and some of the graphics are a little off. My instructions are also unclear and the help is... unhelpful. Mojiferous Industries definitely can not guarantee the viability of the game anymore.

Full Nuclear Combat!
Complete and utter destruction!
High scores posted to!
Improved graphics and sounds!
Faster, more sensical gameplay!
New "card game" to determine weapons and resources!