• Website update for 2013

    So here it is the year 2013, and I have rolled out yet another update to mojiferous.com — I realized a little while back that the last homepage was broken in Safari on iOS 7 and the overall style of the site was all over the place, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to rebuild and restyle the site completely responsively. My plan over the coming weeks is to build a theme switcher to change the appearance of the home page, since I feel like it would be unfortunate to completely lose the Galaga home page.

  • Another Javascript game... or most of a game at least

    So I just pushed up another Javascript game to my server — a rather rudimentary match 3 game I'm calling "Spongium" for the time being, mostly because that is what I randomly called the git repo. It is still definitely in beta, not having a scoring system or any real features beyond the most basic match 3 mechanics. The graphics and logic all came from a Mac-native match 3 game that I think I mentioned on this blog a couple of years back and that was about equally "finished".

  • The Humanoid Must Not Escape!

    So I just uploaded my latest creation, inspired by Berzerk, Robotron: 2084, and too many years of science fiction, this browser game started as an unfinished 2013 Global Game Jam game called Chainus — which began as an unholy blend of TripleTown and Populous and ended up never being finished (what's new?)


  • Blog, Resurrected.

    Let me start this out by acknowledging that the only visitors to this blog are my friends and the occasional Chinese spam bot, AND that I also realize that no one noticed or cared (or at least didn't comment) about the lack of action here on the blog or the fact that it completely disappeared when I updated the website.

  • Guess what? I finally updated the damn website!

    Yep, it's only about 3 or four months late, but the Mojiferous Industries site is finally updated and ready to go… I even added Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction! to the list of software, because I figure at this point it will never truly be finished, and what the hell, might as well put it up. I do have something new though: some screenshots of a strange little game I made for shits and giggles a little while back — much like IS, DD, RD! it doesn't have sound and isn't feature complete by any means, but it does have Mr. Tooth. Enjoy!

  • News! (Finally)

    So I continue to be overrun with work outside of the Industries, but there are a few things in the works… Oh, and I kind of abandoned the weirdo side scroller I was working on last summer, because it wasn't really going anywhere productive. Meh — sometimes these inane ideas work out, other times not so much. Anyway, here's a rundown of what's going on at Mojiferous Industries:

  • Mojiferous is busy, so enjoy this beta!

    So I've been super busy doing all kinds of other things, all the while diligently ignoring Mojiferous Industries… But fear not! I have a few little things for everyone:

    a) I started a blog dedicated to my bizarro drawings. I'd call it a "webcomic", but there is not a lot of funny going on…  and an unfortunate amount of tumors and tentacles. If I haven't completely ruined this idea yet, check it out here, at Rhombus Jerk.

  • What should I do?

    Whoa. It's already May... It seems like forever ago that I was releasing Wholesale Hero to the public (okay, so it's only been 3 months, but it seems like forever.) I'd love to say that I have a whole bunch of new and exciting projects in the works, but that would be a blatant lie. I've been up to my giblets in work - because of school and freelance BS - and for once I don't have a million projects in the works, waiting to be unleashed on an uninterested public.