Zoltan released into the wild!

Zoltan! 1.1 is now up and ready to go... I started out making a Moai that would forecast the weather and ended up with a crazy little program that not only has changing weather, but dynamic sun and sky and sound effects. Any hopes of making Zoltan into a widget were dashed when I started adding more and more features to him... he's a little heavy on the extras to be able to fit into Apple's Dashboard conventions... I already updated Zoltan because I forgot to comment out some test code that caused the sun to continuously rise or set. But he runs miraculously well now, and is every bit as useless as Lobster Petting.
Zoltan 1.1

On the subject of Lobster Petting, it seems that some people just don't seem to understand what the hell it's all about. Some humorless tightass on Macupdate called it "a junior high project"... Which may be true, but I wasn't hoping to change the world with Lobster Petting, I merely wanted to spread my dadaist joy around. Apparently, despite the now widespread use of computers, some people still think of them as just tools and I happen to disagree. Being a member of the "personal computing" generation (I'm the same age as Apple) I think that my Mac is more than just a tool, and (going out on a limb) more like an essential part of my everyday life. This being said, something profoundly useless and mildly bizarre like Lobster Petting fits into my existence perfectly. But I also still enjoy life and find the strange little parts of it to be the most fascinating, so maybe I'm just a little too abnormal to be making software... That being said, there's more coming soon--

In the shape of Desktop Cigarette, the project that never happened for Mac Classic... No one could quite get the desktop to update well enough, but OS X is much different... so as soon as I have graphics, she'll be posted!

--Admiral Mojiferous J. Colossus