Zoltan Nearly Ready!

Zoltan is pretty much done... and is stranger than ever before... Version 2.0 not only maintains the strange weather-forecasting features of 1.0, but also adds ritual sacrifice, grass cutting, mustache shaving, a drunken moon, the Book of Zoltan, and an easy-to use toolbar! It even includes the Mojiferous Industries Mustache Manager 1.0! My goal is to have him finished by early next week, pending some icon design and [unhelpful] help design! So... beware!


p.s. Zoltan is also now a processor hog, due mostly to my lackadaisical graphics programming... apparently updating 5 or 6 800x600 graphics layers and all of their accompanying information can be a CPU hog... who knew? I've thought about building Zoltan into a Quartz composition for a while, and maybe this is the time to do it...