What the hell is taking so long?

I keep promising to release Wholesale Hero, or a working beta, onto the unsuspecting public, but nothing has yet to emerge from the dark depths of Mojiferous Industries, for a variety of reasons.

1) I've been busily refining the game, tweaking gameplay and adding features to keep it interesting and fun. I've been taking my time to turn out something high quality, a game I can be proud of releasing. I'm fairly happy with the results so far, it'll obviously require some polishing and beta testing, but hopefully it will end up being less of a stinking piece of shit than the games that I have quickly shat out (like Motor Pants or Heatstroke...)

2) I'm still waiting to see if there will be uDevGames contest this year... If there is, I plan on entering Wholesale Hero, but the rules stipulate that it couldn't have been released publicly before the start of the contest - so until I figure out the state of the uDev contest, Wholesale Hero will remain unavailable to the world at large.

3) Wholesale Hero would seem to be the perfect place for in-game advertising or product placement, since the game actually involves manufacturing and shipping products. However, I'm torn on the subject - I would obviously have to find a sponsor/advertiser that would be okay with the little oddities of a Mojiferous Industries game (this isn't Bejeweled after all) and that I would be okay with (which rules out 90% of potential advertisers). It would be nice to eventually make a little pocket change off my hobby, but I wouldn't want to do so at the expense of my creative freedom or insistence on making numerous irrational mustache references. Is this crazy? Should I even think about seeking out advertisers? Is it even worth it? And how the hell do I proceed from here? Cold calls? (Sounds like too much work.) Find an ad firm to represent me? (Ha! As if that's likely.) Any advice from the peanut gallery?