Updates, Videos, and a beard

A few things late on a Sunday night:

1) I updated Wholesale Hero yet again, the link is the same (here). Build 286 fixes a few bugs, adds some boring features, blah blah. Here's a breakdown:

Bug Fixes:

~ Fixed issue with shipping round not responding to clicks after second round
~ Fixed issue with saved games not opening correctly
~ Long company names now display more gracefully

New Features:
~ Added a preference option to turn off Growl
~ Added preference for news display time

~ Disabled Sparkle to allow for easier Windows integration
~ Added date and version number to internal error reporting

Exciting, no? By disabling Sparkle it will allow me to start testing for Windows (which I am already doing right now — a few more bugs need to be worked out before I'll make the beta public, but at that time the builds for Windows and Mac will be in sync) so the current auto-update scheme won't work, you'll have to download again. And a big thanks to all of you who have been playing WH and sending me feedback!

2) I have uploaded a gameplay video of my latest project (the Space Invaders project) which is now more than far enough along to spill the beans about and not have to worry about someone shitting out a flash version before I can even start coding. Basic synopsis: inverse space invaders, you play as the invaders and the computer tries to destroy you, etc. This whole concept came out of a strange, feverish dream, and after consulting with King Thor, we determined that no one had actually made a Space Invaders game from the point of view of the invaders… This was not only surprising, but lead me to start development right away. So here is the video — Right now the game is called "Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction," because I am, as my girlfriend so quickly pointed out, a complete dork and Futurama is still funny. So enjoy some unfiltered gameplay, complete with accidental Albert Ayler soundtrack (didn't realize I had Screenflick's sound recording turned on) and mid-movie tweet Growl. The algorithm isn't perfect yet, and I'm no good at being the aliens (as a side note, this is the first level, so you can only have 2 shots on screen at any one time — I did this to make the game more difficult on early levels. For you, that is, not the computer.)

3) I'm growing a beard for a charity mustache festival and look like a homeless guy. Oh, and I'm going to GDC/IGF this year in San Francisco, without a game in the festival but with full intention of mingling with the other developer weirdos. Hopefully I'll have shaved and gotten a haircut by then.