Updates… and an announcement!

Here we are 6 months after my last update, and I still have yet to deliver on any of the promises I made: no Galaga view, no choose-your-own-adventure engine... But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy, and I actually have three games in various stages of development.


The first is a number matching game loosely based on the matching game within Wholesale Hero, but with values expressed as googly eyes instead of text. I need to make some adjustments to make the gameplay more interesting before releasing it, but it is almost done. Built in Javascript, it uses the Phaser.js game library and I've tentatively called it Gnerts.



The second project I have been working on is a turn-based rogue-like positional strategy game. I've finished the basic mechanics and started on the AI, and am now just waiting on graphics.

There isn't much to say so far: green tiles in this screenshot are warp tiles to the next level, enemies get harder and more numerous as you progress, and you and the enemy "ships" can only shoot perpendicular to your current bearing (in other words left and right). I have plans to make everything more interesting and hope to flesh the game out once the graphical style is better defined. I'm hoping to cross-compile the game and right now the project is going by the name Jersks... Stay tuned!


And finally, I have started development on what promises to be an interesting project, still in the early stages of development: the specifics are still being worked out, but it is tentatively titled Carla Duty: Modern Worker 7/10ths and will be about the tedious nature of modern office work, the inequality in pay between men and women and management and labor, and of course the endless grind of dealing with emails, files, and coworkers. I have convinced the wife to be project manager and game designer and hope to post regular updates as the game progresses. Most importantly this may be the first game I've made that mirrors my personal beliefs in social justice, gender equality, and worker's rights. I suspect this won't be the most popular subject amongst every demographic and am expecting to be trolled and insulted by the usual suspects... Overall this promises to be the most interesting thing I've built in a long time!