Updated the website!

That's right... I guess I have done something in the last few months- I completely updated Mojiferous.com... Complete with animated header, tons of weird javascript, and hopefully an easier interface. I really liked my Tiddlywiki, but it was time for a format change, and it was much easier implementing my own. So if you have any problems, find any glaring errors, or find out that the damn page just doesn't work (which it won't without javascript enabled,) please email me and I'll fix it...

I've tested the site under Safari 3.1.1, Firefox 2.something & 3.0, Opera 9.5, Shira 2.2, and Camino 1.5.4- and everything appears to run nice and smooth, so my standards-based browsers are fine & dandy... The IE people out there will have to let me know, but I have the funny feeling it's going to be a disaster!