Simoebic Dysentery voted "Most Original" game in uDev Contest!

The votes are in for the uDevGames Contest 2008... and King Thor and I walked away with a couple of awards for Simoebic Dysentery! Our (as-of-yet unfinished) little gem of a game garnered the most votes in the "Most Original Game" category and placed third in the "Best Sound" category (due entirely to the amazing soundtrack by The Republic of Thoronia [band].) I'm surprised, elated, and a little gassy!

Many thanks to everyone who voted for the game, to Liaht for the technical advice, and especially to King Thor for the concept, ideas, levels, early testing, and that amazing fucking soundtrack (the guy's got a natural talent for video game music...)

p.s. We're going to continue work on the game- finally record the dialog, fix some annoying bugs, add content, retool the difficulty... Look for it soon!