Play & vote for Simoebic Dysentery in the uDevGames contest!

King Thor and I toiled away for a couple of months on the uDevGames Mac game contest, and finally shat out something resembling a working game (I settled on the name Simoebic Dysentery, despite the lukewarm reception from everyone on the team... But I needed a name ASAP and nothing else really stuck, so for the time being, Simoebic Dysentery it is)
Despite currently being more of a working beta than a true game (there are so many features I wanted to add, but didn't for lack of time, and bugs? There are a few...) I am pretty damn proud of how the game turned out: it sounds great (thanks to the Republic of Thoronia), looks pretty cool, and hasn't destroyed civilization quite yet (although I'm sure it's bent on destruction... I can smell it!)

You can download the game Here...
And vote for the game (and download and vote for everyone else's) Here...*

*This is an indie-developer do-it-yourself in a short time without-billion-dollar-budgets and teams-of programming-monkeys contest: I encourage everyone to download and rate all the games in the contest, if only to support indie developers (especially indie Mac developers!)