More News about Atomic Combat

Pending Beta testing results from the good King Thor, I believe Atomic Combat is actually finally ready for the spotlight... There are a few small but minor annoyances left to tackle, but nothing horrible. But I didn't decide to blog today to release the umpteenth "coming soon!" promise for AC... No, I came here today to let everyone know that the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK comes out today, and I plan to have a busy next few days/weeks as I port Mojiferous Industries titles over... It shouldn't take long, but you never know what kind of ludicrous plans for insane stuff I may come up with along the way...
However, if successful, this will mark the first time that you will actually be able to pet the lobster using your fingers and toes and not just a little black cursor (unless of course you're a fancy-ass that has a touch screen...) Anyway... it's exciting for me, like watching your kids go to college, or taking a really satisfying dump.