Mojiferous is busy, so enjoy this beta!

So I've been super busy doing all kinds of other things, all the while diligently ignoring Mojiferous Industries… But fear not! I have a few little things for everyone:

a) I started a blog dedicated to my bizarro drawings. I'd call it a "webcomic", but there is not a lot of funny going on…  and an unfortunate amount of tumors and tentacles. If I haven't completely ruined this idea yet, check it out here, at Rhombus Jerk.

2) Despite the lack of activity around here, there is still a bunch of games that have never seen the light of day, mostly because they're unfinished. So I present to everyone, in mostly-working beta form: Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction, for both Mac and Windows. Keep in mind that the "preferences" tab doesn't do a damned thing, so the game is forever sized to 1000x900 and the keys are pre-set (keys on the left will make the left-ish aliens shoot, and keys to the right will make the right-ish aliens shoot… I wish I could give you a better description, but that's about all there is to it.) There is no sound, no fancy intro movies, no saving… In fact there is nothing too special to speak of at all (Oh, and I have no idea if the Windows version even works, so take that Windows guys!) Enjoy!

ISDDRD Mac version

ISDDRD Windows version