Minor website update

In celebration of the newly re-made and transferred Mojiferblog, I rebuilt/remastered the website a little bit:

  1. Made pretty with the text and layout
  2. Added a feed of my Twits, axed the ads (as no one was clicking on the damn things)
  3. Rebuilt the innards to accommodate the new blog's feed
  4. Finally made some minor adjustments so that Firefox users would see the same thing that Webkit users did
  5. Prettied up some internal code, which sounds disgusting, but I assure you it was all on the up-and-up
  6. Finally settled on a header logo, mostly because I was the only person excited about the rotating logos (the cartoon heads still rotate)
  7. Finally alphabetized the software on the software page. I'm not really sure how I organized them before but it didn't make sense (unlike the sidebar, which is organized by download popularity. Really it is.)
  8. The number 8!

— The Admiral