Desktop Cigarette Bleeds Memory!

Yep... There is a nice big active memory leak in Desktop Cigarette! It bleeds about 2k every animation cycle... due to my use of deprecated functions, I kind of cobbled the newer Dock icon function on top of the old program, and didn't update any of my actual graphics code- long story short, I had to kind of shove an older graphics rendering into a newer space... and in doing so lose a little chunk of memory every time, due to pointer conversion and incomplete memory management. Rather than try to fix a half-assed rigging, I'm going to start over from the begining and build Desktop Cigarette from scratch... or I may turn it into a widget... For now, Desktop Cigarette 1.0.1 works fine, it'll just slowly consume your system resources. Long term use may have an adverse effect on your computer's health.

(Hell, maybe I won't fix it and just attach an "Admiral's Warning" to it.)