Concept sketches from space invaders game

King Thor and I have begun work on a new game, born from a concept I dreamt up late one night (quite literally — I had a dream about it). While I won't reveal all the details quite yet, it is a Space Invaders-like game and I've been making some progress on the inner workings… So here's a quick shot of some (tiny scans) of the art I've shat out so far.

The invaders (and their lasers)

The defender and some explosions:

And finally, the bunker and some more explosions:

You might be asking yourself "what the hell are those oddly shaped cracked things?" Those may be the chunks taken out of the bunker… possibly. Obviously this is still in the design phase and nothing is set in stone yet, but I'm really happy with the way things have turned out thus far — stay tuned for more!