Atomic Combat Released Yet Again!

Good King Thor may not be fully finished beta testing the game, but I decided that for my own sanity and the sanity of all those around me I would just unleash Atomic Combat 2.0 upon an unsuspecting public... Everything seems to be working magically, so I figured "fuck it, I'm gonna release the thing," and so I did... Now comes the inevitable onslaught of downloads and then the onslaught of confused emails- "Why does everything show up sometimes?" (The Spy Plane/Spy Satellite "features" still aren't explained that well) "How do I play the card game?" (ditto) "I don't understand!" (neither do I...)

I'll probably post updates within the next few days about how the games getting along- I expect mixed feedback, so we'll see... However, I am quite proud of how the damn thing looks, and at least no one can say that this release is somehow uglier than the last!