Atomic Combat (finally) almost done (yet again)

Well... I've said it before, but this time I really mean it- All I have to add to Atomic Combat is help implementation (which should be a load of fun) and it's done. Really done this time. The program has changed a lot over the last year, no longer is there any kind of annoying grey-area diplomacy, no more convoluted research, no more waiting for wars to begin... All in all, I think the program is much healthier, easier to use, and a lot less confusing. The interface has changed a million and a half times, and the gameplay is now something more akin to Battleship, but I think my original quest to make a nuclear warfare game in which no one really ever wins has been fulfilled. Everyone always asks, "You can't win?!" with a look of surprise, but it's damn close to true- the only way to really "win" is to survive an entire war without casualties... which is technically possible, but unlikely.
Anyway... As soon as I have the help files worked out and everything tested a little more, I'll post the damn thing and finally get almost a year of solid coding off my shoulders. If anyone wants to beta test for me, just send me an email!