Another Javascript game... or most of a game at least

So I just pushed up another Javascript game to my server — a rather rudimentary match 3 game I'm calling "Spongium" for the time being, mostly because that is what I randomly called the git repo. It is still definitely in beta, not having a scoring system or any real features beyond the most basic match 3 mechanics. The graphics and logic all came from a Mac-native match 3 game that I think I mentioned on this blog a couple of years back and that was about equally "finished".   I had grand designs on making more out of this game, maybe trying out some interesting mechanics — I had all of the tiles "aging", turning into different variations of themselves for a while, which is why there are so many similar sprites, but the aging really turned out to be more annoying than interesting, at least without some more tweaking of the aging timing, indication, and inner workings. After realizing that I hadn't touched the project in over a month because of this, I decided that just releasing the project into the wild would allow me to stop worrying that it was going nowhere and at least get something out there. So here it is! Spongium

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 5.00.52 PM